One Health Aotearoa Symposium 2017

The third One Health Aotearoa Symposium was held on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 December 2017, in the Nordmeyer Theatre at the University of Otago, Wellington.

The symposium brought together almost 180 infectious diseases scientists and professionals from the fields of human, animal, and environmental health.

The symposium programme

PresenterInstitutionPresentation title
Session 1: One Science and Social Policy
Helen Moewaka BarnesMassey University, AucklandPLENARY: Te Tai Ao: a framework for health (PDF, 3MB)
Jeff FooteEnvironmental Science and ResearchOne Health, complex systems and community engagement (PDF, 805KB)
Gerard PrinsenMassey UniversityFood safety and zoonoses in Tanzania’s meat value chain: Experiences and expectations in butcheries and eateries (PDF, 2MB)
Session 2: Controls and interventions
Simon HalesUniversity of Otago, WellingtonOne Earth, One Health (PDF, 2MB)
Nick WilsonUniversity of Otago, WellingtonModelling the Potential Costs and Benefits of Protecting an Island Nation from Extreme Pandemic Threats (PDF, 1MB)
Ben SchraderVictoria University of WellingtonThe 1913 Smallpox Epidemic: Lessons from New Zealand History
Michael BakerUniversity of Otago, WellingtonUsing linked health data to better understand the causes of acute rheumatic fever and other post-streptococcal diseases (PDF, 2MB)
Session 3: Freshwater
Margot ParkesUniversity of Northern British Colombia, CanadaPLENARY: The Integration Imperative and Cumulative Impacts: Understanding and responding to the environment, community and health impacts of changing landscapes and waterways (PDF, 5MB)
Caroline McElnayMinistry of HealthThe Havelock North campylobacter outbreak 2016 – implications for risk management of drinking water (PDF, 2MB)
Garth HarmsworthLandcare Research New ZealandCasting a kaupapa Māori lens over One Health to explore synergies for collaboration (PDF, 3MB)
Russell DeathMassey UniversityAre unhealthy freshwater ecosystems bad for us? (PDF, 5MB)
Elaine MoriartyEnvironmental Science and ResearchOne Health approach to fresh water management (PDF, 7MB)
Session 4: Proffered papers/Emerging Researchers I
Alicia CoupeMassey UniversityFirst detection of zoonotic protozoa, including sporulated Toxoplasma gondii oocysts, in New Zealand green-lipped mussels (Perna canaliculus)
Benjamin KerenUniversity of Otago, WellingtonDescriptive epidemiology of bacterial zoonotic disease in New Zealand: microbiological results from two diagnostic laboratories
Jackie BenshopMassey UniversityLeptospirosis “a global disease, a local phenomenon” (PDF, 3MB)
Kate ThomasUniversity of OtagoA One Health approach to understanding Campylobacter and non-typhoidal Salmonella in the livestock and poultry meat pathways in Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions, Tanzania, 2015-2017(PDF, 1MB)
Session 5: Pathogen evolution and transmission
Eddie HolmesUniversity of Sydney, AustraliaPLENARY: Redefining the Virosphere: Metagenomics and Disease Emergence (PDF, 3MB)
David WilkinsonMassey UniversityA ten-year epidemic of New Zealand Campylobacter jejuni ST 474
Alexei DrummondUniversity of AucklandThe global dynamics of avian influenza H9N2 and the influence of the poultry trade on its spread (PDF, 2MB)
Session 6: Specific pathogens
Richard WebbySt Jude Children’s Research Hospital, USAPLENARY: Swine influenza, a potpourri of pork and pathogen
Iain Lamont University of OtagoEvolution of antibiotic resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PDF, 7MB)
Htin Lin AungUniversity of OtagoCombatting Tuberculosis at International Frontlines
Eve Pleydell Ministry for Primary IndustriesIntegrating science, policy and stakeholder outreach to manage an outbreak of an unwanted organism - Mycoplasma bovis 2017 (PDF, 2MB)
Hamish SpencerMinistry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentThe Science Advisory System in New Zealand (PDF, 1MB)
Session 7: Proffered papers/Emerging researchers II
Ji ZhangMassey UniversityAd hoc whole-genome MLST (wgMLST) analysis revealed multiple Campylobacter jejuni clones caused a massive waterborne outbreak in New Zealand in 2016
Uli MuellnerEpi-interactiveConnecting data and epidemiology with people (PDF, 3MB)
Springer BrowneMassey UniversityThe local and global evolution and transmission of Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) serogroup O26
Zoe WilliamsUniversity of OtagoNext Generation Inhibitors to Combat Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Infections
Session 8: Antimicrobial resistance
Steve Chambers/Mark BryanUniversity of Otago, Christchurch/VetSouthAntimicrobial use in veterinary and medical practice: a view from each ivory tower (PDF, 2MB)
Gary EvansVictoria University of WellingtonThe discovery and development of next generation antimicrobials (PDF, 5MB)
Helen HeffernanEnvironmental Science and ResearchThe global antimicrobial resistance crisis: where does New Zealand stand?
Sara BurgessMassey UniversityNew Zealand dairy cattle – a reservoir for antimicrobial resistant Serratia spp (PDF, 3MB)
Siouxsie WilesUniversity of AucklandNew Zealand fungi as a source of new antibiotics: our adventures in crowdfunding
Session 9: The big picture
Pete Jolly/Joanna McKenzieMassey UniversityOutputs and Impacts of One Health Capacity Building Programmes in Asia (PDF, 2MB)
Joshua FreemanCanterbury Health LaboratoriesAn Ethical Framework for One Health Policy Analysis (PDF, 1MB)
Nigel FrenchMassey UniversityOne Health and Food Safety and Security in the 21st Century (PDF, 3MB)
David MurdochUniversity of Otago, ChristchurchWhere to from here? The role of One Health Aotearoa within an increasingly interconnected world (PDF, 2MB)

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