An integrative approach to understanding, preventing, and controlling infectious disease

A small herd of cows

Animal health

Sixty per cent of known human infectious diseases have their source in domestic or wild animals. Leptospirosis is one of the most well-known of these zoonotic infections.

View of a stream between paddocks

Environmental health

Threats to the health of our environment are largely due to human activity. It has become increasingly clear that human and animal diseases are often a result of environmental disruption

A mother and her baby in a forest

Human health

Although many human infections are acquired from other humans, many are also the result of human interactions with their environment.

One Health Aotearoa is an alliance of New Zealand’s leading infectious diseases researchers committed to working together to address important health hazards in New Zealand, and beyond.


Paradigm shifts for Global One Health

Call for abstracts is now open Deadline submissions: 15 February 2024 With great pleasure we hereby inform you that it is now possible to submit your abstract for the 2024...
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1,665 and climbing: WellKiwis team processes large number of swabs as winter illness season ramps-up

The arrival of the cooler weather means a spike in flu and other winter illnesses, which spells a particularly busy time for our WellKiwis team based at ESR's Wallaceville Science...
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One Health Aotearoa 2023 Winter Newsletter

Our Winter 2023 newsletter congratulates Nigel French on his appointment as a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit and welcomes our new Centre Coordinator, Suzanne Malakoff. We are...
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One Health Aotearoa Autumn 2023 Newsletter

Our Autumn 2023 newsletter welcomes Dr Rose Collis from AgResearch to the OHA Management Group as the Early Career Research Representative. We also review the 8th OHA Symposium held late...
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