One Health Aotearoa aims to improve health and well-being through integrated, cross-sectoral, and whole-of-society approaches to health hazards. We focus on inclusive­ness across the health sectors: animal, environment and human. Read about the latest research from our members.

2017 One Health Aotearoa Symposium

Our third One Health Aotearoa Symposium will be held on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 December 2017 in the Nordmeyer Theatre at the University of Otago, Wellington. This symposium brings together infectious diseases scientists and professionals from the fields of human, animal, and environmental health in order to address priority infectious diseases issues such as…

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One Health Aotearoa officially launched as a research centre

The University of Otago formally launched its reconfigured line-up of 12 flagship research centres, including One Health Aotearoa, this week at an event during which each centre concisely showcased its often world-leading activities. The reconfiguration of the centres took place after a rigorous evaluation process that confirmed the breadth and excellence of research that will…

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Closing the border in extreme pandemics worthwhile – Study

It may sometimes make sense for island nations like New Zealand to temporarily close their borders in extreme pandemic situations, a new study by Wellington researchers suggests. The study of costs and benefits of complete border closure in New Zealand in response to new pandemic threats has just been published in the international journal PLoS ONE.…

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Washing hands after gardening could protect against Legionnaire’s disease

Washing hands after using compost could protect gardeners from contracting a common but dangerous strain of Legionnaire’s disease, new University of Otago research shows. The study results, recently published in the Emerging Infectious Diseases journal, provide the first New Zealand confirmation of the link between compost or potting mix and contracting the form of pneumonia. Legionella longbeachae…

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Nationwide study shows emerging leptospirosis strain

Massey University researchers have found that a strain of leptospirosis may be more frequent in New Zealand dairy herds than first thought, posing public health concerns for farmers, veterinarians and dairy workers. The study was the first to explore the effect of long-term vaccination in a nationally representative sample. Two hundred dairy herds randomly selected from…

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Deadly pathogen to cure itself?

A Massey professor of microbiology has led new research that could yield a vaccine against an emerging deadly pathogen that has proven resistant to various treatments. The possible strategy for a new vaccine has been developed for Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a pathogen which causes severe wound and lung infections in patients with weak immune systems. The infection…

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